Intellect – daughter to Wisdom’s acclaim,
Scornfully shunned the great deeds of her fame,
Thought herself higher through marvelous means,
Better, said she, than her luminous queen.

She found no trace of rigour there, and so,
Set upon a quest to not only know,
But be sure forevermore of all truth,
Such was sought in the tranquil tinge of youth.

To far off land, and pastures new she went,
Where only earth and air could yield their scent,
And all distractions left behind, to give;
A clearness of sight, and reason to live.

Every speck and movement, each little thing,
Recorded in wonder; oh how they sing,
A beautiful chorus in harmony,
In scope and worthiness too great to see.

A lifetime was spent in study and yet,
She felt little closer than first they met.
But her life spent in solitude – would grant,
Books upon books, and a gravestone to plant.

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